Computer vision - one of the most popular and dynamic growing trends in IT. The world's leading companies - manufacturers are searching for effective and comfortable ways to control electronic devices, new interactive features of presenting information. Smart electronics segment predict an explosive growth with the appearance of available technologies on the market.

Analysts forecast a few years all information surfaces will be interactive, and noncontact techniques control will close into the everyday people life.

Gesture recognition technology, integrated into electronic devices today, will allow producers to make a huge step into the future, the competition and offer our customers the maximum comfort at dialogue with techniques.

«Computer vision systems» («CVS») has developed a revolutionary solution - gesture recognition technology, that allows non-contact control the computers, electronics and household appliances.

«Computer vision systems» - the Russian leader in the area of computer stereovision, offers innovative, high-quality and constantly improved product.


  • Viziware– the passive system of gesture recognition, which allows controlling any screens and entering data using simple gestures.
  • Two off-the-shelf cameras act like human eyes measuring distance to objects.
  •  Viziware tracks the objects, estimating real time position and speed. Unique algorithms processing this information and «read» a user gestures. The device runs the command, surrendering gesture.
  • Viziware – a flexible platform that can be used both as the product and embedded solution for gesture control of any screens and different electronic devices.

Key advantages of  Viziware:

A wide range of applications for the technology: Adjustable min and max working distance – 20 cm to 10 m

An unlimited number of devices within a single room and low power consumption

High processing speed and accuracy: complete gesture information (motion + distance)

Functions with moving objects: the system filters out its own motion and continuously re-aligns the cameras

Simple and inexpensive construction

Object recognition based on technology is marker free