Make your

Interactive advertising panels with intuitive gesture recognition:


Interactive features and advantages:

  • Intuitive touch-free gesture control of any advertising screen
  • Ability to make online purchases
  • Targeted content and ability to manage it
  • Performance Statistics: Assessing the level of interest of visitors
  • Virtual keyboard that allows to enter any text on the big screen
  • Work in all weather conditions and direct sunlight
  • Powerful gaming wow-effect
  • High memorability of the ad
  • Ability to use multiple devices in the same room
  • Innovative approach

Technical Info:

Two cameras that can «see» gestures
Variable operating distance of 20 cm to 10 m
Tracking up to 6 people at once
Response time <40 ms
Compatible with Windows, iOs and Linux platforms



When an ad triggers a response, digital advertising provides mechanisms for that to occur. Responding to an ad represents a level of commitment, so when a viewer does respond, the advertiser learns much from that. Conversely, nothing is learned from those who choose not to respond. What we could learn from this group, however, is potentially far more valuable in terms of how to generate a response in the future. For this level of insight, we need interactive ads, not just digital ones.

With Viziware, there is a way to learn from everyone who encounters a digital advertisement, because Viziware enables and captures interaction in digital advertising.

The body language of the viewer of a digital advertisement becomes a source of intelligence for the advertiser, allowing them to gain new, previously unavailable insights about ad perception.



Advertising ,using digital signage, is a form of out-of-home advertising in which video content, advertisements, and/or messages may be displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages, to specific locations, both in- and outdoor, and/or consumers, at specific times.



Using an advertiser's digital advertising content, Viziware makes it interactive, and then collects analytics about that interaction. By combining software with motion sensors, Viziware dynamically detects consumer responses to advertisements projected on almost any surface. Indoors or out, and in any lighting or weather conditions, Viziware captures exhaustive purchase intention analytics that provides retailers and advertisers with new insights into consumer preferences. The result is more precise marketing and advertising, leading to increased sales performance and brand loyalty.

Our developers are ready to transform gesture recognition system Viziware for any task, and offer a unique Interactive advertisement established in line with wishes of the customer.